Lindsay Orr- Real Life Barbie

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the reading by Ann DeCille she mentioned how Mattel Inc. designs dolls to make them look like people in the real world. The reading also mentions how young girls want to resemble their Barbie dolls. When she said “resemble”, I don’t think she meant like this. The video clip shows a 21 year old female who claimed she “wasn’t just content with playing with Barbie, but wanted to look like her”. She is literally a life size, real person replica of a Barbie doll. The way she does her makeup to make her eyes look like Barbie doll eyes, and the way she claims to be on a mostly liquid diet as her waist is nearly the same size as her arm…She is definitely someone who took “resembling” Barbie to extremes.


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