Victoria Gee – Selling Opression

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

In Betty Freidan’s work, “The Sexual Sell,” we see how corporations make a profit through the oppression of women. They aim to limit women to housewives and balanced homemakers to keep their identities weak and in constant question (28). As a result, women try to fill a void in their life with the purchasing of commodities. In order to keep women in the home, advertisements now attempt to legitimize housework and childcare as a fulfilling and purposeful career for women. In this 5-hour ENERGY commerical we see a women happy to dedicate her energy to the private sphere. In a different 5-hour ENERGY commercial we see a man happy to dedicate his energy to physically extreme and mentally fufilling activities in the public sphere. (If you are interested, the commercial is called: 5 Hour Energy – Parachute Guy and can be found on YouTube).


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