Carla Q: Gender Swap Pictorial

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Carla Q: Gender Swap Pictorial

While discussing sexism in this weeks lecture, and next weeks lecture on cultural jammingI found this article to be very suitable. Ducatti, is known for having advertisements displaying their motorcycles including beautiful women beside or on it to showcase the product and make it more desirable.  Instead of the usual beautiful, sexy, women on the bike, Moto Corsa decided to do a gender swap that put men in high heels on top of their hot new 1199 Panigale. This was done to exhibit how sexualized women are, and the uncomfortable poses they are to be in to look “sexy”. It is very rare to see men touching themselves, it is defined as feminine. This is why these photos aren’t taken seriously, we are conditioned to believe that men in these postures are not real men. Ritualization of subordination: women are often shown lying down, it is difficult to defend ourselves, it is submissive and powerless position (lying down, back arched) women are overwhelmingly featured in this position. These photos also show a range of men with different body shapes and sizes which aren’t common with women. When a male is in these positions you think they look silly, but beside it, there is the original image of the woman in the exact same pose looking “sexy”


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