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Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Author and activist Kalle Lasn is the co-founder of Adbusters, the anti-consumerist magazine that provides the world with satirical spoof ads in a witty and forceful fashion. Culture jamming can be defined as ‘subvertising’ and are used to expose the truth behind capitalist consumerist advertisements that we are subjected to each and every day. One of the most famous spoof ads by Adbusters is the parody of Camel cigarettes where the camel from the cigarette packs is shown dying in a hospital due to cancer from the cigarettes that reads “Joe Chemo”. The ad is fighting against not only Camel ads but also all cigarette ads that promoted the idea of smoking as a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. In the reading Lasn talks about a group of Italian men called “The Situationists” who would alter “images, environments, ambiances and events” to display a rationally different connotation.
The notion of “The Situationists” reminded me of the documentary The Yes Men. The film revolves around two activists that are set out to basically make a fool out of important people in satirical ways. In the clip I posted the men are at a conference where the people they are speaking to have no idea that their idea is a complete joke. They convince the Catastrophic Loss conference in Florida that they have created these inflatable suits called “SurvivaBalls” that are supposed to withhold any sort of dramatic weather, terrorist attacks and beyond.

Honestly still cannot get over the fact that the conference believed this to be true.

link to the video:


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