Deniz Ar.- Response to quiz

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

This week’s readings on culture jamming is really looking at the alternative to what’s offered to us in our Westernized society. Instead of driving a BMW, bike. Instead of Buying products that need to flown in from miles away and burn lots of fuel, buy local and “organic” products. Instead of shopping, and consuming things you don’t need, don’t. It’s all about going against what our culture is implementing on us. The option of choosing a different path but arriving to a same end.

Lasn also talks about the idea of the ‘spectacular’ with commodities, how our society has been almost brain washed to see the good in things versus the bad. The hype and ‘wow’ factor things have been given have made consumers look pass the bigger issues. The example with fast food, from the reading being how one of the kids in a group learned to look at Mcdonald’s differently than his friends. He started to question where the food is from, how can they produce it and sell it for so cheap, why the people there get paid so low etc.


My example for culture jamming is Nike. Even though it’s a known idea that many brands like Joe fresh and Nike have factories in under developed areas of the world, and pay women and children to work for cheap labour, they still glamorize their products and find top athletes to glorify their products. It’s obviously working since they’re still one of the most successful brands in the world.

What culture jamming is really asking us to do is look for better alternatives to change the way we live. To go against the norm and come up with better ways of doing the same tasks.


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