Quiz #4 – Culture Jamming – Brad Bowen

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

I find the topic of culture jamming a very intriguing area of our discussion when exploring media and advertising studies. What is so interesting is that often culture jamming is ubiquitous in our society, yet I never really realized that these types of videos and advertisements that are deemed culture jamming served a purpose as I always thought they were more comedic reasons or just poking fun at another company/brand. However, Kalle Lasn states that it is much more than this and that culture jamming can be defined as mainstream media and corporate images being used for the purpose of protest or subversive social comments on society (Lasn, 2000). In our present society, we see culture jamming come in the form of ‘spoofs’ or ‘protest’, where an individual or group will create a subversive or hostile campaign or media form against various companies or individuals. For example, here are a few images and campaigns that exemplify the term culture jam, and how the people behind these images are protesting against the cheap labor and imports of the superstore Wal-Mart.

Image Image


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