Jasmine Moore – Cleaning up the Mess

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


In the Sexual Sells reading Friedan discusses how women are targeted as housewives and how marketing towards household goods perpetuates the idea that women are the ones who have to clean up everyones messes. Ads targets women by suggesting that to be the best wife or mother  you must be the one to clean up after your family. Ads that show females happily cleaning up after their husbands or kids make a mess making it seem like women are the only ones who should be cleaning up the mess. Ads then target this by telling women that they need these products to effectively run their household as the main thing they should focus on is keeping their family happy by keeping the house clean.  This ad makes it seem like the women should be the one to clean up the mess and the only way this can be done is through buying new household product that make the process of cleaning “enjoyable” for the women to clean up. What got my attention most of all about these ads was that the men making the messes are rarely the ones cleaning it up.


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