Jessica Chen – Quiz Post

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

In Culture Jam, by Kale Lasn, attempted to show the readers what our mass media has been doing almost without our awareness.  When the average American thinks of consumerism, we believe it is the promotion of the consumer’s interests. What Lasn believes is that we’re being told what our interests are and to buy into those false interests. We’ve become disconnected with ourselves and our own interests to fit those that our corporations have designed for us. Our children have become so reliant on consumerism that they can’t possibly enjoy any of the senses you have to use in your most primitive state. We’ve learned that buying creates happiness, and most of the time, we’re living in a world we’ve created for ourselves through the consumer process. We became compulsive shoppers when we’re bored with our lives, and we look for outside factors to fill those gaps. Corporations show us these shocking and appalling images in order to jolt our minds into a way of feeling, and over time we just become numb to them, forcing the media to come up with another “drug” to feed to us in order for them to achieve the same success.


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