Alison Catalano – Quiz #4 “Culture Jamming”

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a world where we can never get away from advertising, culture jamming attempts to ‘break the spell’ of advertisements and make us a more critical audience. Both readings for this week suggested explore culture jamming and the purpose it has and how we can become and should be a critical audience rather than passive. 

More than likely most “spoof-ads” or campaigns tend to be more obvious in what they are trying to tell you, or make you realize what the true ad is saying. In the Stella advertisement I posted below, the first one says “she is a thing of beauty”, referring to the ‘beer’ as beautiful but not the women. The second advertisement then whites out the word ‘beauty’ in attempt to critically engage the audience and remind them that she is a person and more than a sexualized object or a comparison to an alcoholic beverage. It is easy for advertisements to seduce the passive viewer with its imaging and words, with this ad in particular, Stella is using the man’s gaze upon the beer and the women, making a passive viewer think he is referencing both the beer and the women. What the second advertisement is trying to do then, is direct the viewer to see that the man is referencing that the women is as beautiful as a pint of Stella. By removing the words ‘of beauty’ the viewer directly engages their contact with the women and not the beer. Suggesting that the women in the ad is not an object to be used, that she is a person and more than a beer. 

Here are two ads: the first ad is the original and the second ad is edited by Ad Buster. 







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