Alyssa L – Quiz 4 Culture Jamming

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

We live in a society where we follow bland patterns of living, trying to work hard enough to live the American dream. However, the concept of culture jamming challenges this notion, and challenges this ‘dream.’ Culture jamming breaks these patterns and does things outside of the box to go against the consumer society today. According to Lasn, “Living in the moment, pursuing the authentic gesture, it is the force that makes life worth living. It is also what consumer capitalism takes away from you every time it sells you a brand name ‘cool’ or this month’s rebel attitude” (Lasn 419).







For example, I found this spoof ad for Nike that shows what consumers don’t see when buying Nike shoes. Commercials by Nike use celebrities such as Tiger Woods to sell their product. What they obviously do not show in their ads is the work behind the making of the shoe. I believe this picture is a shock to the system, something society needs to remember when they think they are buying products considered ‘cool’ because Nike said so.


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