Chantelle Morgan – Culture Jamming – Quiz 4

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

In relation to Lasn’s reading and this week’s topic of “culture jamming,” there were many examples that initially ran through my mind with one standing out in particular.

Brian Lichtenberg is a designer who’s work took the fashion world by storm. Lichtenberg has taken very popular designs from some of the most prestige fashion brands including Hermes, Celine, and others and added a twist. By manipulating these designs to seemingly mock these high end designers and society’s luxurious mainstream culture, he appropriates his designs to a more subcultural, anti consumerist group with his more reasonable priced clothing and strategically funny designs. Here is a comparison of the two, with his design at the bottom:


Lichtenberg has created a highly recognized brand by simply making fun of the higher end labels that inspire his work. He is taking “cool brands” and using irony and satirical humour to create a type of “culture jamming” brand in itself.

Here is the link to his website if you would like to see more designs:


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