Charlotte Bullock- Culture Jamming Quiz

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Charlotte Bullock- Culture Jamming Quiz

This weeks reading by Kalle Lasn, explores the concept of culture jamming. Lasn suggests that culture jamming is a way to “snap the first world out of its media-consumer trance .” It does this by attempting to draw attention to flaws within the practices and ethics of some of the worlds biggest corporations. Culture jamming aims to get consumers thinking about products beyond what they see in the media. In one section she discusses the food industry and how it has become one of the biggest targets of culture jamming. Culture jamming spoof ads against McDonalds in particular are all over the internet. The ad I found titled “special ingredients” came from the Ad Buster’s Website gallery which is full of a collection of many of their famous ads.The one I chose is more subtle then some of the others, but it gets its point across. Its trying to make a point about the chemicals that go into fast foods and its toxic qualities. It doesn’t mention McDonalds specifically but red packaging definitely suggests it. In the article Lasn points out that the food industry is a prime target for culture jamming because much of the production is invisible and distant, therefore there is a lot that can be revealed. This ad does exactly that by suggesting that there is more to the food that meets the eye and more that goes on in production than we are aware of. It goes beyond the image that the company works so hard to create and shows the reality behind the product.
– Charlotte Bullock


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