Daina Goldfinger – Culture Jamming Quiz

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

During my second year in the communications program, I was introduced to that fascinating web site of Ad Busters, a hub for culture jamming and the anti-consumerist movement. Instantly upon reading Kalle Lasn’s article, I thought of Ad Buster’s initiative taken against anti-consumerist culture. Provided below is an example of an anti-consumerist ad found via the Ad Busters web site. The advertisement demeans the consumption and fetishization of fast food in consumer culture, illustrating it for its true adverse effects on the human body.

Lasn addresses the idea that the American Dream is largely based on the value of conspicuous consumption, that in order to be happy, one must consume commercial products. Ad Busters also addresses Lasn’s views regarding the current American Dream by illustrating the fact that capitalist and consumerist ideologies are so embedded into American society, that they are considered representation of happiness with regards to American way of life. Lasn feels that in order to achieve true happiness, the American Dream must transform from consumerism to spontaneity and true living of life.



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