Jasmine Moore -Quiz #4

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

This weeks reading by Lasn talks about Cultural Jamming and how we need to break out of our patterns and be spontaneous to experience real life. Cultural jamming is about working against the established life style by deconstructing mass media in order to break the “trance” we live in. What caught my eye about the reading were Lasn’s ideas around spontaneity and democratic choice and I immediately thought of food conglomerates like Starbucks. His idea that we have the illusion of choice, but that these choices are already pre-selected make it hard for any small locally outsourced company to compete with the coffee stars. The image I found regarding Starbucks really struck me because I never stopped to think how dominant Starbucks is. We can pick which coffee shop we want to go to but when there’s a Starbucks on every corner your choice has already been pre-selected for you. Lasn talks about how the “average pound of food in America travels 1,300 miles” but how can local coffee shops compete when there locations are few and far between the Starbucks of the world. This image made me take a second to look at how I chose what I eat, buy and wear and made me really question if I really had any real choice at all.Image


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