Joel Seetahal – Sex Sells: Selling more than a product

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Betty Friedan’s article talks about the idea that advertisements/advertisers target women to get them to buy certain products and make doing household chores and other “house-wife things” appealing and fun. The elite’s (referring to powerful men) in society produce these advertisements which portray an ideal for what women in society should be and look like. In other words, these ads are produced and rather than just selling a product, they sell an image, and gender roles. By making house-cleaning and decorating look fun, the idea is to make it appeal to women so they prefer to be domesticated rather than pursue their own education, career path, etc. These adds are essentially being produced to “keep women in their place”. As mention they also sell gender roles and identities we have learned to accept. It is true, I find that ads relating to house cleaning, maybe something like a dish washing detergent  often has a woman as the central character. If there’s an ad for beer, I generally think of a group of young guys at a bar clinking their bottles. There’s no reason it cant be a group of girls. Advertisers separate us by our sex, treating us differently, realistically we are all human and there is nothing stoping us from doing things associated with the opposite gender except for the social boundaries we have created. If the idea of a man dancing around the house having fun cleaning and dusting seems odder to you than a woman, then society has successfully brainwashed you! Even to me, I think it would be funny an odd to see man doing this instead of a woman, but realistically, it should not be a big deal….

Okay I was referring to the old “do the swiffer” ad where this lady dances around at home while swiffering, but I cant seem to find it! But yes it features her dancing around, if you switched a male into that role, most people would probably find it a bit off.


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