Occupy Wall Street – Michael Kates

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

For our discussion assignment this week, we were asked to find an example of Culture Jamming and relate it to the Lasn reading. I chose to use the recent Occupy Wall Street movement. Over the course of the term we have learned how corporations currently exploit their customers by using the same structures for their media as a way to reduce costs and increase their profit. They call this “new material” even though it is simply rehashing the same core ideas. The Occupy movement is a modern day version of Lasn’s Culture Jammers. While not as anarchistic, as The Situationalists, the Occupy movement exposed and underlined the detrimental impact that these organizations are having on American culture. While, The Situationalists relied on word of mouth to spread their beliefs, The Occupy movement relied on new media that allowed its reach to spread globally. Through the exponential growth of broadband Internet but more specifically social media channels, Occupy Wall Street was able to rapidly disseminate their core beliefs and goals. This was seen as a vital part of its success. 


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