Quiz #4 – Ashleigh Murdock – Culture Jamming

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Quiz #4 - Ashleigh Murdock - Culture Jamming

In the reading “Culture Jamming” the author, Kalle Lasn defines culture jamming as “a metaphor for stopping the flow of spectacle long enough to adjust your set. Stopping the flow relies on an element of surprise,” (Lasn 420) – In simper terms, it is a tactic that is use to subvert media culture and its mainstream cultural institutions. Lasn discussed the idea of uncooling Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is known to use sex to sell. This advertisement depicts Kate Moss, a popular Calvin Klien model, with the words “Feed Me,” this ad directly subverts the fashion industry. They are using a well known model, to convey the message that models, like Kate Moss, have a positive body image about themselves, and they do not want to stop eating, just to fit into the “ideal image” that is desired by the fashion industry. After reading further into the meaning of this advertisement, I discovered that Kate Moss made a statement to the press, that she didn’t want to be that skinny, and look anorexic. It was supposedly the industry’s fault for making her that skinny – during shoots and meetings she was under fed. I thought that this ad was a good example of culture jamming.


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