Quiz # 4 “Culture Jamming” – Colleen Reid

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Culture Jamming” written by Kalle Lasn discusses the revolutionary movement and rebellion that has taken place in our contemporary world which he describes as a, “Small, spontaneous movement of truth” (414). In this sense, examples of culture jamming attempt to deconstruct and subvert the messages which exist in the mainstream, such as those in advertising. Examples of culture jamming often include so called “spoof-ads” and campaigns, which attempt to break our trance (420) and enlighten us to these realties in a way which is often shocking. Culture jamming attempts to advert our attention and encourages us to be receptive, engaged and critical audiences.  Lasn argues that, “This is how the spell is broken. This is how the revolution begins: a few people start slipping out of old patterns, daydreaming, questioning, rebelling” (421).

After reading Lasn’s work, I went on to Adbusters, a site which is dedicated to culture jamming and the creation of spoof-ads and campaigns.  I found this example, which was in the Fashion Slashin’ category.  The spoof-ad is critical of the fashion and modelling industry  as it presents the realities and struggles of anorexia and eating disorders.  Significantly, the ad also depicts an image of model, Kate Moss who has received much criticism for a comment she made in which she said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.



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