Quiz 4- Hilary M

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Quiz 4- Hilary M

These ads display what Lasn discusses in the section “Uncooling fast food”(426). Lasn describes culture jamming as a way of uncooling something that through advertising has grown to be considered ‘cool’ amongst society. She goes on to say culture jammers who target fast food are trying to “contaminate junk food in the public mind” (427). She specifically uses McDonalds as an example, identifying how every time a culture jam of their product is seen their merchandise becomes more “uncooled”. This results is us not seeing the product as a spectacle but instead focus our attention on the negative characteristics the company try so hard to disguise. She calls this an oppositional meme (427) which in this ad would be the negative health benefits that can be caused by consuming McDonalds.


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