Sean McAlary: Quiz #4 – Culture Jamming

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Although an older advertisement, an example I looked at of culture jamming was a remake of a Camel Cigarettes advertisement. Joe Camel is the spokesperson/mascot for Camel cigarettes, being an image of a hip-looking camel seen with sunglasses, nice clothes, muscular, fancy car with a beautiful women in it, basically looking like what every man wants to look like. He is also always smoking a cigarette. However in the culture jamming ad shows “Joe Chemo”, the once popular camel in a hospital bed, looking down at his sunglasses in a sense that he made a mistake.

In Lasn’s reading, he speaks of how he was shooting a film in Japan, and asked a monk at a monastery if he could film him and his disciples meditating. The monk said he may only do so if he participated in the meditation himself. And not just a a simple meditation, but a two full day meditation. He describes the experience as physical and psychological torture, however when he emerged from meditation he was a completely changed man. “Maybe only when you’re shoved into a new pattern of behaviour and make the commitment not to back out….do the real gains come” (Lasn 419-420). When a smoker sees culture jamming ads like “Joe Chemo”, they see advertisements in the real light. When we commit to the views of culture jamming, we can reap the benefits of this new realization.joe_chemo



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