Victoria Gee – Culture Jamming

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Victoria Gee - Culture Jamming

Our culture is all around us. Its ideologies are intertwined in our lives. We are presented with so many different visuals and auditory that we accept on a daily basis as natural, normal and true. We forget to question them. We do not concern ourselves with the hidden assumptions or the ramification of the stimuli we are presented. It isn’t until the familiar becomes strange that we realize the strange is familiar. In other words, we do not realize what we are seeing or hearing is odd until we are shown how absurd ‘normal’ really is. This is what culture jamming does. It opposes the norms of culture and offers a different perspective. I really love the analogy Kalle Lasn uses when explaining culture jamming. She says, “It’s like crawling out of your warm bed in your dark room one December morning at five a.m. and plunging into a tube of ice water. It shocks the system” (420). I think this is a wonderful analogy because it is exactly how I felt when I saw this American Apparel ad. I was so completely and utterly shocked. It seemed so normal to see a woman presented in this kind of way, however when a man takes the traditional position of a woman it seems very silly. It makes me question all of their advertisements and the assumptions they hold about women and their sexuality. This advertisement was created by Matt Cornell, who actually has a website where he posts many of his culture jamming creations. If you are interested check it out:


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