Jasmine Moore – Girls and Boys Toys

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

When talking in class about advertising to children i couldn’t help but think of Kinder Surprise Eggs. In Walmart the other day I noticed that Kinder Eggs now had “Boy” and “Girl” options. I was shocked that a chocolate company would actually make two “different” chocolate products in an attempt to capitalize on the girls want pink and boys want blue idea. I was a little upset that they would turn this classic kid snack into something that had to be broken up by gender. Image

  1. Saul Lewis says:

    Although it is shocking it is a reality in our society. There are such dominant roles places on gender for masculinity and femininity and advertisers understand this. Children are the easiest group of people to influence in the world since they haven’t developed the cognitive ability to understand advertisements properly, although again it is wrong, advertisers use this to their advantage. Pretty much everything is marketed to either a boy or girl and often times when its not marketed to a certain gender it’s often marketed to family. Candy/chocolate is a product that is especially marketable to children and by using hot wheels and barbie Kinder Surprise is able to draw in both children markets.

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