Carla Q: Nerf “Rebelle”

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Nerf guns are a very popular children toy. Because of their success, they have came out with a girl version of the original Nerf guns. The “Nerf rebelle”. Nerf unveiled its new line of hot pink toy guns targeted at girls. This toy clearly pushes stereotypes. The original Nerf guns (for boys) are much bigger and are blue and orange. the Rebelle — outfitted in hot pink and aimed at girls who want to harness their inner Hunger Games. Girls will have a whole array of butt-kicking blaster options including: The “Heartbreaker Bow”, “Pink Crush”, and the “Power Pair,” equipped with two whole darts per blaster, the boys get 25 darts. In addition to each blaster, girls can also buy these “collectible darts” which come in a cornucopia of pinks, purples, teals, and even a few blacks. Oddly enough, the boy’s darts only come in a “non-collectible” standard color.

  1. Charlotte Bullock says:

    I Actually saw a commercial for the “heartbreaker Bow” at the movies right before I saw the new Hunger Games movie. They definitely have a good idea of who their target audience is, clearly trying to appeal to girls who like the movies and want a bow and arrow like the main character. I think this is an excellent example of what we talked about in class.

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