New Politics of Consumption: Sustainable Advertising – Brianna Hill

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

New Politics of Consumption: Sustainable Advertising - Brianna Hill

This week’s readings by Schor and Elgin were about green consumerism and living more consciously in regards to ecological living. They discuss problems in society as a result from mass production and consumption such as global warming. They however suggest that we have the power to change this if we come together in a new global challenge through moving towards new ways of consuming. The article explains this as the push of necessity and the pull of opportunity, (Eglin, p. 405) where we can come together to combat issues such as income gaps, poverty, global warming, overfishing, pollution etc..
I found an example of the multinational company Coca Cola taking a small step in making some necessary changes for these opportunities to be socially responsible about the ecological impact of their products. Not only does the production and consumption of products have an environmental impact but the distribution including the actual advertisements do as well. Coke has recently implemented a sustainable form of advertising by using a billboard covered in “Fukien plants” which absorb air pollution. Furthermore, “The ad also makes use of recyclable materials: A total of 3,600 plant pots were created using recycled material from various Coca-Cola products” (

Discussion Question: Do you think Coca Cola took this socially responsible move for their own green initiative, or think it is more a business move in competing with their rival Pepsi, and their recent move to their bottle being made 100% from plant waste?

Brianna Hill


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