Rachel Tilner- Timberland Earthkeepers Campaign and “Towards a New Politics of Consumption”

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

In this weeks reading “Towards a New Politics of Consumption”, Schor discusses consumption practices and the new changes within the politics of consumption. One of the things she mentions is that there is now more of a need for consumers to be aware of the negative effects their consumption habits have on the environment. As a result, more and more companies over the past decade have focused on promoting ecologically sustainable consumption. Timberland is an example of one of the first large apparel companies to create environmentally friendly products through their Earthkeepers line and they launched a huge campaign to promote these products and greener lifestyles.

This ad for Timberland’s Earthkeeper line is an example of one of their effective television advertisements that were part of their campaign geared towards being environmentally conscious. The boy is seen tying up his Timberland shoes and chasing after a plastic water bottle that was grabbed by a dog and tossed out onto a moving train. He goes through all this trouble and to extremes to grab the bottle and recycle it and he feels rewarded once he gets a hold of it and tosses it into the recycling bin. At the end, they reveal that the shoes are made with recycled products and “green rubber” and the line “Nature needs heroes” flashes onto the screen. This is a great example of companies who are taking the initiative to be green and to promote the benefits of being green to their customers and giving the image that caring about the planet is cool.


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