Jasmine Moore – Micro Homes

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

In Elgin’s reading, “ Voluntary Simplicity and the New Global Challenge” he discusses the idea of people making the decision to live without anything that is not a human necessity to life. He talks about how people need to start living more consciously of how we consume. While reading this I thought about this article i had read in october about a company in Vancouver who hopes to “revolutionize” homeowner ship with their new trend in sustainable living, the micro home. Elgin’s article focuses on how a choice to live a more simplistic life can benefit both the individual and society and NOMAD’s micro home proposes to do just this. These micro homes would help curve consumerism while creating more efficient lifestyles. I thought this was an incredible concept that could move society to new ways of consuming through something as simple as reducing living space.




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