Haley Allen- Black Friday Craze

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Haley Allen- Black Friday Craze

I came across this picture earlier today and felt that is perfectly encompasses what we talk about in class and how consumerism has taken over how we function in today’s society. This weekend is Black Friday, a holiday made up by retailers that lies right after thanksgiving in which stores have excessive sales and bargains. Overall, Black Friday is the perfect example of how obsessed society has become with “things.” People go crazy for Black Friday deals, shopping not because they NEED things, but rather because there is a sale and these sales have become a part of our culture. As the meme depicts, its extremely ironic that this consumer holiday falls directly after a holiday centred around giving thanks for what you already have.

  1. cs341blog says:

    I was just saying the exact same thing! Two completely contradictory ‘holidays’! -Roxi

  2. cs341blog says:

    I was also going to comment on this exact same thing in a post. Black Friday is so contradictory, people go crazy and start fights with one another over goods that they don’t even need, when 24 hours before they were being thankful for what they have. And I find it funny how camping out for products and starting riots isn’t seen as such a big deal to the government but when there is a protest for political/social issues it is illegal. This is once again because everything is revolved around the CORPORATIONS benefits. – Rachel Tilner

  3. […] week may be a turning point in our culture. More people are opposing the consumerism of Black Friday—and now its predecessor […]

  4. cs341blog says:

    I’m so glad someone posted about black friday! I was actually in New York City this weekend visiting family for American Thanksgiving, and we decided to check out what the hype of black friday was all about. After about 10 minutes of walking around I had to pack it in. I could not BELIEVE the amount of people there were and how disrespectful everyone was being. It was as if the world was ending and Macey’s was the only place that had the cure! Roxi you are completely right, it could not be more contradictory. – Alicia McCarron

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