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Final Post – Brad Bowen

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We learned a tremendous amount of the consumer world throughout the semester. In turn, one aspect I thought was very interesting was that of the ‘coolhunt’. Malcolm Gladwell asserts that there are actually professionals who deem what is ‘in’ or ‘cool’ as the new trend or style amongst societal members. In the season of Christmas, I thought it would be neat to share a site that brings both coolhunting and Christmas together. This website called displays products and items that are supposedly ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’ in society. This webpage has a gift guide section, which urges users to purchase these stylistic products as Christmas gift. It is pretty fascinating that there are websites out there that tell us what we should want for Christmas and what we should ask for (If we want the gifts that are ‘in’ this Christmas). Here is the website, check it out!  

Laura O- Popstars and sexuality

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Laura O- Popstars and sexuality

This article, written by the actress Rashida Jones caught my attention this morning. She is basically responding to the outcry she recieved for criticizing today’s celebrity for their explicit sexual dress and behavior- Miley, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj wearing next to nothing, sticking their tongues out, and increasingly pushing the limits has become the norm. The general response from women on twitter  accused her of “slut shaming” or being anti-feminist. She is trying to express that while women are free to express themselves, they must be mindful of the influence they are having on younger girls: “there is a whole generation of young women watching”. This is highly relevant to the reading “Feminism and Fashion” where women who were claiming to support feminsm condemned women who dressed provocatively or in ways that are suggestive to men rather than for their own pleasure. 

Final Post – Michael Kates

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Throughout the course we studied a lot of great techniques and theories about the advertising industry. My particular favourite was one that we studied closer to the end of the term which was culture jamming. Especially with the rise of social media and the internet, we have and will be seeing a continued increase in organic culture jamming movements like Occupy Wall Street. Through our democratic political systems especially here in Canada and the United States, people are allowed to express their own opinion and dissent from the media and majority. By using services like Facebook and Twitter which can connect you to likeminded people in seconds it will allow a rapid transformation from a single linear often controlled media point of view to one where we can learn about a topic or story from all sides  

Upon reading the article on sustainable consumption, it appeared to me that although the route we are taking right now aids in fuelling capitalism, we are ultimately running low on our resources to maintain ourselves. Therefore, change is necessary if we are going to continue living happily throughout this world. One of the key themes in both of the readings was to live a more fuller life, not through minimization, but by enjoying ourselves by taking in the little things. I find that this picture represents the steps that we have to take if we are to reach that: our previous ideals on capitalism have to be thrown out the window and must be replaced by a more sustainable lifestyle, which includes changing our current lifestyle altogether in order to succeed.


Andrew Yates – Culture Jamming

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Even though this was not the form of culture jamming that was discussed in the readings, I feel like this is relevant. I am a big fan of listening to remixes and mashups, and this is one of my absolute favourite ones that managed to hit YouTube. It is a mashup between Linkin Park and Evanescence, and although it is user-made, it comes together really nicely. This relates to culture jamming because it is taking the original two songs and manipulating them to become something more cooler. The sounds are rocky enough to keep the listener on their toes as they don’t expect the variety of sounds from the mixture of the two songs.

Jessica Chen – Elgin

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In this weeks article “Voluntary Simplicity and the New Global Challenge”, Duane Elgin attempted to offer a solution to some of the large consumer problems. He suggests that those in the cycle of make and spend, change to a more simple living style. He advocates for consuming less, donating more, and attempting to live an experiential life instead of a material one. I agreed with these thoughts, which people would be happier if they took life more casually and just attempted to get the things they needed rather than think they need but actually want. A common symptom of the overburdened, over-scheduled, and overly consumerist lifestyle is a loss of heart and genuine connection to the activities we felt called to in the first place. The moment a spark of resentment replaces your spark for something due to its burden on your timetable, a step back and some voluntary simplicity is in demand. When less energy is spent on the insignificant matters, the overly excessive and/or the unnecessary, more energy will be available for full living. In a way, it’s indulgent and a bit rebellious to live simply—to purposefully, voluntarily reject the excess and the disposable that congests your lively spirit. Before we burn our agendas, be a “voluntary simplicity” (Elgin 397) individual and find your inner peace. Put the heart back into your day-to-day, by simplifying day by day.