Quiz 5 – Colleen Reid

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

1. My favourite reading over the course of the class was “Towards a New Politics of Consumption” by Juliet B. Schor because I found that she clearly articulated her arguments in a way that was easy and enjoyable to read.  I also am particularly interested in the topics she discussed.  My least favourite reading was “Object as Image: The Italian Scooter Cycle” by Dick Hebdige because I found it to be a very long and dense piece which focused too much on the history of the scooter.

2. My favourite topic was culture jamming because I found it very interesting and I enjoyed looking at the various examples and then watching for them myself.  My least favourite topic was probably semiotics only because I’ve worked with it in most of my other classes so I preferred the topics that I hadn’t worked with as much before.

3. I’m really interested in a lot of Foucault’s ideas on sexuality and even the panopticon.  I also would have liked to have looked more at the issues of male and female representation in advertising.

4. This was one of my favourite classes this semester because I found that it made many links and connections to almost all of my other communication classes.  I also enjoyed the structure of the class and the discussions that we had.  I liked looking at and contributing to the course blog which is something that I haven’t done before in any of my other classes.


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