Quiz #5 – Sarah Kagan

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

1. If I were to pick a favorite reading throughout the entire course it would have to be “Conspicuous Consumption” by Velben. This reading really made me think about my spending habits, and how easily influenced we are as a society.

2. I didn’t enjoy the lesson on semiotics. It was a huge part of our class CS235 last year, and I just felt like it was already so overely talked about in communications.

3. I would have to have talked about the major advertising firms in Canada and the United States, and which companies they do work for. I think this would have been intersting to see how they create the work that they do, and what companies they product this work for.

4. Finally, I did like this course alot. I found the topics and flow very interesting and easy to engage in. If one thing were to change I would say give less social media examples. Sometimes in class we would be spending 45 minutes just looking at examples of the same thing. Other than that I loved the course.


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