Cyber Monday – Brad Bowen

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If Black Friday isn’t enough for consumers to become engrossed in purchasing and shopping, ‘Cyber Monday’ is right around the corner. Yesterday marked Cyber Monday for the year, which is the first monday of December that consumers must place their online orders for gifts, and pre-orders so they arrive in time for Christmas. Cyber Monday is a dangerous practice for shoppers, because there are banner ads, online deals, and pop-ups that promote even more reasons to shop. I feel as if gendered advertising, as we have discussed throughout the course, really comes to the forefront during Cyber Monday. For example, if a woman buys a dress online, the website may entail pop-ups and suggested articles of clothing for women, make-up, perfume, kitchen supplies, and other gendered products to entice the women to purchase even more. Overall, Cyber Monday is just another shopping holiday for us as consumers to drool over.


  1. Saul Lewis says:

    I think that the idea behind cyber monday is a genius marketing move by all participants. Deals are strewn across the web and people spend money when they really don’t need to or shouldn’t. Cber monday is marketed to those people not brave enough to go out on black friday or who missed the opportunity. It allows people to consume from their own home and get into the practice of doing so. Not only do the sales bring people to buying products but it introduces people to the brand and people will become loyal because they like the sales put on by the brand and/or the products being sold. When people miss cyber monday there are usually still products left on sale as a “one time offer” that draws in more shoppers to clear the racks and allow for new product to come into stores.

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