Jessica Chen – Elgin

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

In this weeks article “Voluntary Simplicity and the New Global Challenge”, Duane Elgin attempted to offer a solution to some of the large consumer problems. He suggests that those in the cycle of make and spend, change to a more simple living style. He advocates for consuming less, donating more, and attempting to live an experiential life instead of a material one. I agreed with these thoughts, which people would be happier if they took life more casually and just attempted to get the things they needed rather than think they need but actually want. A common symptom of the overburdened, over-scheduled, and overly consumerist lifestyle is a loss of heart and genuine connection to the activities we felt called to in the first place. The moment a spark of resentment replaces your spark for something due to its burden on your timetable, a step back and some voluntary simplicity is in demand. When less energy is spent on the insignificant matters, the overly excessive and/or the unnecessary, more energy will be available for full living. In a way, it’s indulgent and a bit rebellious to live simply—to purposefully, voluntarily reject the excess and the disposable that congests your lively spirit. Before we burn our agendas, be a “voluntary simplicity” (Elgin 397) individual and find your inner peace. Put the heart back into your day-to-day, by simplifying day by day.


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