Emily Wilmot – Hauling

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

A topic that we discussed in class today that I wanted to look into further was that of hauling. Before today’s class I didn’t know a lot about hauling and its rapidly increasing popularity. A large part of the evolution of hauling comes with the advancements of technology. 10 years ago, for example, people never thought to show their purchases to thousands of people. Haulers range from people who want to publicly show off their shopping sprees to those who get paid by large corporation to advertise for them via hauling videos. Not only are young teens producing these videos but companies are starting to create them as well. For example Target created a mock video titled “Happy Haul-idays.” 

At first thought this idea might seem rather ridiculous and pointless. After further thought, however, I found that it’s not a bad marketing strategy. It’s an excellent way for companies to get their product out there and for consumers to rave about their product for thousands to see. It is also almost certain that the viewer of a particular haul is interested in shopping and similar products, which attracts an interested, active audience. It is also easy for the viewer to purchase the product if they’re interested because all they have to do is click the screen which takes them to the site where the product can be purchased. 

Although I personally am not into hauling, I do find it a great way for teens to relate to each other through the products they consume. After all, none of us can deny that we are living in a consumer society. 



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