Leanne Curlew – Commodity Fetishism

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

In one of my classes last semester we talked a lot about the topic of commodity fetishism.  My professor told my class about a monologue written by Wallace Shawn that is about commodity fetishism.  One passage from the monologue is as follows:

“The coat’s price comes from its history, the history of all the people involved in making it and selling it and all the particular relationships they had. And if we buy the coat, we, too, form relationships with all those people, and yet we hide those relationships from our own awareness by pretending we live in a world where coats have no history but just fall down from heaven with prices marked inside.” (The Fever)

This goes to show that we make fetishes of our commodities and we are all connected to something much bigger when we purchase an item than just the item itself.

If you are interested in reading this monologue it is available at our Laurier Library.


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