Jordan Buchbinder- Hauling

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have seen videos of hauling before, but did not know it was a known or common thing, and was giving a term. I have turned to hauling videos/consumer reviews when looking to make big purchases, specifically Canon Camera, and Dr. Dre beats. It is interesting to see the different types of Hauling videos out there in regards to the different products, and in watching some of them specifically where they give a review from the packaging to unboxing the product, that some of the people are so popular at hauling they are actually sent some of the stuff for free to give a review on. It feels with more people who are regular consumers of these brand products and give reviews are beginning to be sent more of these brand consumer products for free, for the purpose of a review, how that will change their reviews. Turning honest consumer reviews/ haulings into commercialization, where these people are now swayed to give a positive review in order to get more of these items for free, or even paid by these companies or advertisers. I feel if hauling begins to be more commercialized it will most likely compromise the integrity of these reviews, for people like me and many others who resort to these for an honest consumer opinion. Similar to the news where they will present certain stories in a more positive light, or not present certain stories because of a negative image, for it will be a conflict of interest to corporations/ advertisers.


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