Pouya Moosavi – Hauling

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Before our lecture I personally had never heard of the term “hauling” or really knew about the phenomenon that it describes. I have seen similar content such as unboxing videos as well as video reviews however nothing like the examples seen in class.

This is a very interesting phenomenon when looked at from a critical economic perspective. This trend really reflects the obsessive consumerism found in our societies, which in turn is what drives our capitalist system. This trend simply encourages the consumption of goods that are produced by the capitalist system for profit. Due to their user generated content, these videos often provide a sense of authenticity as well as create a glamorous experience out of an often mundane, everyday task: shopping. The most noteworthy fact about this trend is that it provides free publicity and marketing to corporations. Through this trend, consumers are supporting and driving capitalism on a whole new level, oftentimes unknowingly. This trend is very prone to commercialization, as corporations will provide popular “haulers” with free merchandise in return for positive reviews or maybe even hire them as spokespeople.

What was interesting to me is when Nathan brought up the point that the people producing these videos (most often young females) are learning specific, useful skills such as video production and editing as well as gaining experience in marketing along with other things. The reason I find this interesting is because these skills and experiences could be easily used to against the capitalist system in which these people are currently so much a part of.


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