Jocelyn Bovay- Hauling

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hauling is something we discussed in class earlier this week and clearly supports the idea of commodity fetishism. Tweens and young girls everywhere are taking up the hobby of “hauling”, some even making careers out of it and dropping everything else they are doing in order to further  their hauling. Hauling is essentially showing off and talking about what they bought (their haul) when on a shopping trip. They discuss the products in detail and go on and on about how much they love certain products over others and why. Companies are essentially getting free marketing for their products without even knowing it. 

Hauling is a form of commodity fetishism as it is an obsession young girls have with buying so many unnecessary products and doing it often. The one girl discusses how she bought so many candles because she’s giving them as gifts to friends, thus spreading the obsession of those items to the friends she’s buying for, and spreading the wanting of certain commodities over others. 

Even though some of these girls are getting paid for doing their videos, the fact that some of these girls gave up other aspects of their lives in order to further their “hauling career” I find ridiculous.


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