Jennifer Nugent – Can Money Actually Buy Happiness?

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last Friday we discussed ‘hauling’ in class and I’ll admit I am quite familiar with the term.  Like most haul video watchers, I watch a lot of these videos when I’m in consideration of buying a product. As many people have already mentioned, ‘hauling’ is essentially commodity fetishism, the obsession with commodities, regardless of the actual monetary value. These are the people that quite literally believe that money can actually buy happiness.

In my opinion, I feel like hauling also closely relates to the idea of consumerism. Consumerism, as discussed in class is the “societal preoccupation with acquiring goods” (Rambukkana, Jan 17 Lecture). Therefore people who excessively consume products do so because they are obsessed using the money they have to buy more things. Consumerism suggests brand loyalty and is normally seen is upper-middle class people who are interested in the newest technology or most expensive car. Consumerism is social in the sense that they are satisfied with the new products they’ve acquired once they show it off to the world. 

 I’m a fan of unboxing videos because I think it is quite funny to see commodity fetishism in action as you watch people open the packaging of their new item. The link I’ve attached is to one of the craziest unboxing videos I’ve ever seen. This YouTuber called ‘ijustine’ posted a video of herself unboxing her new iphone 5s, the day it came out. Note that in the video, she mentions that when she went to the Apple store they were sold out of the phone colour she wanted. She still bought the phone, with intent of going back and exchanging it in a couple of weeks. The idea here is that because of her obsession, she cannot go without the new item for even a couple of weeks even though she is going to get a new one.  The mentality of these people is that they have to show their new toy to the world, almost like they’re children.


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