Elaina Christaki – Hauling and Consumerism

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

In class, the Professor discussed consumerism, and how the middle class accumulates debt to afford everything they wish to purchase. The concept of hauling seems to reinforce consumerism. This is because hauls are a form of advertisement that can come across as genuine since the message is not coming from corporations, but everyday people. As well, hauls can encourage consumerism because individuals will be exposed to more advertisements, which will create new desires to purchase products. Additionally, if these videos target the middle class, this can contribute to the accumulation of debt that consumerism has contributed to.
As discussed in this weeks reading, the dependence effect is when corporations create wants and desires through advertising, and then satisfies the needs they create (xi). From watching the examples in class, it seems as though hauls are another way in which desire can be created for products. This means that corporations are getting assistance in creating desire for their products. As a result, one can conclude that haul videos can potentially help encourage consumerism.


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