Jordan Christensen – Hauling

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Karl Marx claimed that people in today’s society focus primarily on commodities, referred to as commodity fetishism. People are beginning to identify and compare themselves to others through commodities. In class, we were shown ‘haul’ videos, which display numerous people giving reviews on new products they have purchased. In the past I have watched haul videos before buying a product to ensure that it is worth the money. But prior to our lecture I had not realized how attached these girls are to the products they are reviewing. Many of them identify themselves with their purchases, including one girl who referred to Juicy as her ‘best friend’. This is an example of Marx’s theory because these girls have a false view of society. They are so focused on their commodities that they don’t consider the economics behind its creation. Though this may not be a positive for consumers, companies benefit from things such as haul videos. This is because it is a form of free advertising since most videos made give positive feedback on products.


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