Sara Charters- Hauling

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hauling videos have been discussed both in class and largely on the course blog. I think many of us are failing to realize however, that this trend isn’t really much different than what most of us do after any shopping trip. While we may not be participating in creating hauling videos or posting about our purchases online, I would argue that most of us still essentially providing some form of free marketing post-purchase. For example, after a day of shopping I often return home and almost automatically show off my new purchases to my sister, my mom, or my roommates. Even if this ritual is not an automatic response, at some point most of us will have provided some word-of-mouth marketing about a new purchase to our peers. This just speaks to our society’s natural desire, and sometimes obsession, to talk about and flaunt our purchases, whether it is digitally mediated or not. 


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