Shelley Zimner- It’s All About Image

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

As discussed in Robert Goldman and Stephen Papson’s article, advertising is merely a method to sell commodities, it is the foundation of a new phenomenon, the image. Brands no longer rely on clever advertisements to catch the audiences attention. Products must not only be associated with an image but a lifestyle as well in order to be competitive. Advertisements are crutches, only helping these brands support the lifestyle they sell through their image. Lulu Lemon is a Canadian apparel brand that uses lifestyle, image and advertising very strategically. Lulu Lemon markets yoga clothing to men and women who lead a healthy lifestyle. They sell the image of a tranquil, healthy and peaceful way of life through their clothing and related items. Interestingly, Lulu Lemon has achieved this image without the use of traditional advertising. For example, they do not use t.v commercials or magazine advertisements (at least often) to advertise their clothing. They simply rely on their products to advertise their image. Everything sold in the store from water bottles to yoga mats, is marked with a Lulu Lemon logo. Even the bags they package customers’ purchases in are marked with mantras encouraging a healthy lifestyle and of course, the logo. Their merchandise triples as their advertisements and their image. Consequently, it is impossible to separate the Lulu lemon brand from the product, or the product from the lifestyle. Lulu lemon has succeeded in creating an image for themselves by allowing their customers to identify and buy into the lifestyle that comes with purchasing their products. 

  1. cs341blog says:

    I agree with your post. We associate the image behind the brand rather than the value of the item being purchased. For example, shoes are shoes. People would pay 200 dollars for Michael Jordan shoes rather than 20 bucks for Walmart shoes. Michael Jordan shoes represent the image of athletic and urban; while the Walmart shoes present a lower class. The shoes we wear symbolize the social class we are associate to. The Jordan brand ultimately associate the image of basketball as the brand as everything from shoes, belts, sports gears to to water bottles. The brand represents the commodity self, but also the association of class. People are willing to pay 200 dollars inorder to be included in a social group or represent an identity.

    Braveen Ravi

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