Jocelyn Bovay- Jay-Z Decoded

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Jay-Z launched his autobiography “Decoded” through partnering up with Bing- Microsoft’s search engine. For one month, Bing released one page of Decoded each day in order to get people talking before his book was released. But they promoted it in a way that has never been done before. They took each page and placed it out in the world, in the place that is talked about on that specific page. The pages were placed on billboards, buses, the bottom of a hotel pool, Gucci even made jackets with the page lining the inside of it. They launched this as a game for people all over the world to try and piece the book together through the use of Bing Maps and would release clues for the exact street location through social media each day. Bing used Jay-Z’s pop icon image and fame to their advantage and  became a large part of the online conversation. In that month they had an 11.7% increase in use of their site. 

When I search something, I automatically go to google so that fact that Bing was able to harness this idea and get millions to use its’ search engine is phenomenal. They effectively used Jay-Z to promote their website and show their level of innovation and creativity. They also helped Jay-Z reach the bestsellers list and he had an increase of 1 million fans on his Facebook page. I think this is a great marketing campaign and really got people talking about the book and about Bing. 


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