The Self-Fulfilling Marketing Scheme

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Galbraithspeaks of how it is possible to create a cycle of production and consumption based around competing desires. Marx would argue that the worker has a desire for an object, which is then used in part to create a desire for labour. This cycle is perpetuated because those who seek power are forced to contribute something in order to attain it. This cycle is not beneficial when those in power use their leverage for corrosive interest. I think the Apple “Think different” campaign is a good example of this process. Though it can be argued to not be corrosive and without substance, the case can still be made that Apple creates a desire for “Revolutionary” luxury products in order to disguise the reality of their creation. Perhaps, the Western ideology of freeing the masses from the 1984-like state apparatus works best when disguising the sweatshops that build fancy iphones.5915206-sad-worker-in-an-office

  1. cs341blog says:

    I think this is a great point as the “Think Different” ad campaign is completely contradicting. When the advertisement first came out, yes it was different then the other companies softwares but the Apple computer actually does not allow you to think different, it only allows you to think their way. I am a huge Apple fan with my MacBook Pro, Iphone and Ipad but in truth there is little thinking different with the Apple products. Also on the comment on the sweatshops is huge, as we discusses in last weeks classes we do not connect our luxurious iPhone with the children mining the materials needed to produce them. The desire of the phone is high then the desire to understand where the phone cam from. We need more awareness and a better spread of finances to those creating our products.

  2. cs341blog says:

    I agree with both comments and would like to add some of my own insight. For starters, Apple is the mastermind behind the “production and want” cycle discussed in last weeks lecture. Every two years or less, they are releasing the “latest and greatest” Apple hardware that in reality isn’t much different than the last model but because its new and has a few innovative features millions of people worldwide will demand it. Additionally, these “upgrades” Apple releases are most likely already manufactured years in advance but they hold off releasing them because they know if they do it gradually and not all at once people will still purchase them year after year. I try not to be fooled by the Apple scheme but that company is damn good at their job. Every new product is sleeker, faster and more efficient (although the previous model still works perfectly) which makes people including myself demand to newest products.

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