Kendra Lytle- As Seen On TV

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Culture Industry Thesis by Adorno and Horkeimer touches upon the notion that “culture is used by capitalism to control the individual consciousness”, creating false needs for consumers.

A company which is famous for its creation of many ridiculous, small, simple every-day-task products is , creators of some successful products like the Snuggie, The Magic Bullet and The Slap Chop (which I will sadly admit…I own all three). Majority of products created under this name however seem to be redundant tools to accomplish tasks that anyone could complete without the product. This business As Seen On TV is creating false needs for consumers!

  1. cs341blog says:

    Elaina Christaki

    I totally agree with you. “As Seen on TV” products do create false needs. It seems as though the products advertised will make life so much easier and will in fact solve a problem we thought could never be fixed. However, I find that these products are rarely used for a long duration of time. To me, this means that the advertisers are creating false needs. This is because, if they were really filling a NEED in our lives, we would continue to use it for more than a few weeks.

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