Christopher G. – The Mass Production of Music

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This YouTube video pokes fun at the fact that ‘top hits’ in the the music industry sound relatively similar to one another and that they are created off of a basic production scheme. It shows that all songs are made by having the same foundation and just altering a few things to make it come off as different. Many electronic music producers such as, David Guetta, has been targeted for creating songs that sound similar. This idea relates to what Adorno and Horkheimer have to say about the culture industry. They explain how the culture industry aims to create things like art with economic success in mind instead of creativity. If a song that was created became tremendously successful finically, why not produce a similar one and make just as much? This is the reason movies are predictable and why people sometimes confuse songs. By using this video as an example, due to the creation of a culture industry by capitalists, all the top arts (films, music…etc.) are created off of a basic step-by-step format.


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