Keltie Johnson – Budweiser Ad

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

              I’m sure, by now, many have seen the new Superbowl Commercial featuring a cute puppy who has a little separation anxiety from his friend, which happens to be a horse. As I was watching this commercial, I kept trying to find reasons why this advertisement was promoting beer. Other than the horses owner, who was wearing a Budweiser hat, I had a lot of difficulty finding Budweiser references. At the end, it was more clear, when the advertisement used the hashtag #BestBuds. The connection was made that ‘Buds’ signified Budweiser and also the relationship between the horse and the puppy. Since it took me through the entire advertisement, I was left thinking whether or not this was effective advertising. I had to watch the commercial twice, even to realise what the advertisement was for.

          I think that what this ad proves is that all a company has to do is attach their name to something, as opposed to when they had to market their product as better than the opposition. Although companies may not have used counter positioning to do so, most advertisements were essentially trying to point out why their products would be the better choice over their opposition. Nowadays, there is a shift and the main goal of advertisements is to have their name associated with positive images and don’t focus as much on the actual benefits of using their products. This is proven in the Budweiser Superbowl ad.

  1. Kimberly H says:

    I agree, if it wasn’t for the title of the video that told me it was a Budweiser Super Bowl ad, I would not have made the connection that it was an advertisement for Budweiser beer until the end. They made the Budweiser logo very subtle in their commercial that may have caused confusion among viewers as to what it is trying to promote. I personally think that since Budweiser, among other companies, chose to make their commercial public prior to the Super Bowl, it helped attract and capture an audience before the big debut on game day.

    I found this article that talks about the popularity contest among Super Bowl ads and the expense at which companies are willing to go.

    It mentions how with the exception of the Super Bowl, audiences don’t really pay attention to commercials that air regularly, so advertisers lose faith in capturing an audience and spending lots of money. However, around the time of the Super Bowl, it becomes apparent that people are watching (some even just for the commercials) and that is when money is dished out to create a commercial that will make an impact among the public.

    – Kimberly H

  2. Megan Reyes says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the commercial. But even the second time watching it, I was so intrigued with the relationship between the puppy and the horse, I totally forgot it was about Budweiser, let alone a Superbowl Ad (because it came out prior to the Superbowl). But, as we all know, the whole point of these Superbowl Ads is to make a lasting impression. And using some sort of short film with cinematic value helps. Which can also be seen in the popular Apple’s “1984” commercial that aired about 30 years ago.

    I agree that there is a shift between the goal of the advertisements and the associated company. As seen in this commercial, Budweiser did not focus on its own product until the end. Thus, whether you care about every plot point in the commercial, there is a puppy and a horse (or horses), meaning Budweiser most likely did not care if the commercial had a proper story line, but just as long as it makes you think of the company … one way or another.

  3. Tomas Larouche says:

    Regarding the superbowl, there is such a large audience that they want to cater to everyone they can so making another typical beer commercial would not have the same effect as a short story type ad like this. The whole puppy adoption definitely gets women and animal lovers attention. But lets be honest who doesn’t love puppies so I feel thats what theyre trying to play off, maybe with the idea of who doesnt love budweiser. Personally i knew it was a budweiser commercial very early on as they used the signature budweiser clydsdale horse in it, which has been used for many other budweiser promotions. But being the typical sports watching fan, have seen an abundance of budweiser ads where im sure many of the superbowl audience had not. Overall i felt it was a very good ad and the #bestbuds at the end really helps finish it off. Horse and puppy were best buds, so grab you best buds (budweisers and friends).

  4. Pouya Moosavi says:

    In regard to this commercial, I can understand why some people may not have known what it was for right away but as Tomas mentioned they do use the signature Budweiser Clydesdale horse which appears in many of their other advertisements. In terms of effectiveness, this following article states that this ad was the most watched ad amongst Tivo users.

    I also agree with the fact that this, along with many of the other Super Bowl ads were targeted towards a bigger audience. The article claims that most of the recent top ranked commercials were family friendly, in contrast to previous years that featured more raunchy or shocking commercials.

    Overall, they clearly did a great job with this advertisement and Budweiser has some other very well done Super Bowl ads.

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