Kimberly H- Signified Squared

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

The idea behind signified squared is something that I was not aware of prior to it being brought up in class. Although the terms sign, signified, and signifier are concepts I have become familiar with, I never knew where the values of a brand or company fit in within that model. In contemporary society, we associate many brands based on what they represent. Whether they represent a lifestyle choice or not, it is what we come to know them as. For example, Nike is known as creating products that represent an active lifestyle, with their running shoes and active-wear that help support this notion. Another brand such as The North Face is a company that I would associate with outdoor wear and products; therefore, having a wilderness, outdoorsy aspect connecting to its brand.  All these additional meanings and values that we connect with a brand and its product is something that as consumers have become conscious of. I attached some photos here that represent the meanings I have given to the brand.


The North Face: wilderness, outdoors, adventurous


Nike: active, athletic, determined and motivated lifestyle


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