Anastasia Edwards – Culture Industry in Fashion

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Anastasia Edwards – Culture industry in Fashion

I thought our discussion in class relating advertising to the culture industry was very interesting and looking at how they go hand in hand in most cases. Also the idea of art being replaced by entertainment because of mass production. In the reading one of the first sentences states that “culture now impresses the same stamp on everything” (Adorno and Horkeimer, p.3), and I thought that really related to the fading of art within advertisement and everything becoming “uniform”.


The movie we watched in class, talked about some really impactful ads that are still being used today, but now art is being less and less considered in creation of advertisements and even products in the industry. As Hebdige puts it, there is a more “materialistic conception of design” (p.119) and the industry just looks at it only if these products and services will be good for business.


Going back to the uniform sense of modern advertising, I wanted to use examples of fashion ads to show how similar many of them are to each other and don’t really have very artistic or unique qualities. 



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