Jocelyn Bovay – Brand Identity

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with advertisements for companies. These advertisements have the products classic slogan and logo in them and because we are seeing them constantly we get to recognize them very easily. After time, we begin to establish certain relationships with brands for specific reasons and when we see the logo we automatically think of that and how we use it. I found an article on Buzz Feed that took popular brands and their logos and then instead of their slogans, had what most people think of when you see the logo. So for Gatorade underneath it it was “You have a hangover” and I think I can speak for all university students when I say that when I see someone in a morning class with gatorade I definitely think that. For Elmer’s glue they put “put it on yur hands until it dries and then peel it off” which we all did as kids, let’s be serious. Another good one was the Ikea ad which said “we just throw in extra parts to mess with you” which is a fairly accurate statement if you’ve ever assembled anything from Ikea. They do this for 25 different brand slogans and they are all surprisingly accurate and makes you realize how much you actually think of those parts of the brand when you see their logo and how much that contributes to their brand identity.

  1. cs341blog says:

    Elaina Christaki

    I really like how you linked the idea of brands and second order signifiers with this article. These signifiers help the brand establish their identity in the public eye. However, this article discusses the second order signifiers that brands may not want to be associated with, which is clever. Overall, this article shows that companies only have so much control over their brand identity.

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